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"I recently shopped some gifts for my two dogs here, and i was thoroughly impressed. The quality of the items is excellent, and their customer service is outstanding. My order arrived incredibly fast, exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend this store for anyone seeking high-quality pet supplies with quick shipping and responsive support. I recommend Tsufimoto with five stars!"
-Harry M.

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How Anatra Coccole can help your pet with separation anxiety?

Feeling Guilt

The deep-seated guilt that eats you everytime you live him alone, making you feel like a terrible person and owner, knowing that from the moment you leave, is staring at the door, waiting for you to comeback. ANATRA COCCOLE gives a presence to your pet, that will make him feel less lonely and sad. It will reduce the agony on your heart of knowing that your pet is not suffering alone at home anymore

Neighbor Tension

Seeing your pet suffering at home is not only a problem for you. The stress and the angry of your neighbors, complaining about your pet's costant barking. ANATRA COCCOLE will prevent your pet barking all the time, avoiding uncomfortable situations with other people.

Why you shouldn't ignore the symptoms of separation anxiety?

Health Problems

Ignoring separation anxiety can lead to significant health and behavioral issues for your Pet. During your separation, your pet may be restless, shake, shiver, salivate, refuse to eat, all behaviours that will lead soon to a bad health.

Loss of your Freedom (forse da scambiare posizione con neighbor)

The suffocating feeling of being trapped in your home, unable to establish friendships, to have hobbies and to live your live fully because your pet's needs dominate your time. 

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Frequently asked

Do you offer support in case of questions or problems after the purchase?

Absolutely yes! Our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or problems related to your purchase.

Is it possible to return the product if it does not meet my expectations?

Certainly! We offer a return policy within 30 days of receiving the item, provided the product is unused and in its original packaging. For more details on the return procedure, please refer to our return policy on the website.

Does it work with all types of pets?

Aiuto Zampa specializes in dogs and cats. We have received positive feedback from owners of puppies, dogs, and cats.

When will my order be shipped?

All orders are processed immediately and shipped after 1-2 business days. However, due to high demand, orders may take up to 7-10 days to arrive. For any questions, you can contact us at info@tsufimoto.com, where our support team is always available to resolve any issues you may encounter.

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Contact us a info@tsufimoto.com

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